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Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth due to extreme sensitivity, tooth decay, gum disease, or broken/overcrowded teeth. This process is commonly called “pulling teeth,” but isn’t as scary as that makes it seem. 

Dentists can safely extract an infected tooth without surgery in a simple tooth extraction. Here at Platinum Dental Care Logan, we understand that tooth extraction can be nerve-wracking. Our team works to help patients feel comfortable and confident in the restoration of their teeth and smile. Restore your smile and give us a call today!

Is getting a tooth extracted scary?

Perhaps the most daunting aspect of tooth extraction as a patient is pain. The good news is that before any tooth is extracted, the entire area around the tooth is numbed with an anesthetic injection. This allows you to receive the restoration your teeth need without worrying about pain. 


Our dentists use rocking and pressure techniques to extract teeth. If a tooth is broken, it’s removed in pieces. All extracted teeth are removed from the bone in order to prevent further infection or damage.

What about tooth extraction


  • Use gauze to collect any bleeding from where the tooth was extracted
  • Choose easy-to-eat, soft, protein-packed foods 
  • Stay hydrated but don’t drink through a straw
  • Follow medicine’s prescribed amounts and frequency
  • Make a follow up appointment with your dentist to check your healing


It’s not easy to lose something you’re attached to. Let our team at Platinum Dental Care Logan create a personalized recovery plan for you and call us today! 

Contact Platinum Dental Care Logan to experience personalized care that will make it easy to smile.