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Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) is a common condition that affects a diverse number of people. Severe headaches, jaw pain, grinding teeth, and even ringing in the ears are symptoms of TMJ. Most of those affected by TMJ are unaware that dentists can effectively treat its root cause. 

Symptoms of TMJ can be very debilitating and disrupt normal, pleasant life. Here at Platinum Dental Care Logan, we prioritize eliminating and treating the pain of those who suffer from temporomandibular joint dysfunction.Our dentists conduct tests to diagnose TMJ and implement a plan to treat the root causes of it. Let’s work together to prevent TMJ and unneeded pain. Call us today!

What does treating TMJ involve?

To treat TMJ, your dentist must first identify its underlying cause in your specific case. They will examine your jaw and bite manually and with x-rays. Dentists are then able to diagnose TMJ and recommend necessary treatment. 


Once diagnosed, your dentist will discuss with you options for treatment. They might suggest a bite guard to wear at night to reduce teeth grinding during sleep or even suggest a change to the shape of your teeth to realign a bad bite. Dentists can also prescribe muscle relaxants as a last resort. 

Why is treating TMJ


  • It prevents and alleviates pain from the condition
  • Treatment can include correcting misaligned teeth or “bad bite”
  • It addresses teeth grinding, protecting your teeth
  • Treatment allows you to live free from the disruptive symptoms of TMJ


Don’t wait to get help for TMJ. Stop by Platinum Dental Care Provo today and get your quality of life back!

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