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Root canals are a therapy used to treat teeth that have nerve damage due to infection or decay. They are used to save teeth that would otherwise die and be extracted. A root canal is more cost effective and adequate in treating nerve damage in teeth than pulling a tooth. 

To save a tooth, the living tissue, or pulp, inside of the tooth is removed along with the nerves, decay, and bacteria. It is replaced with appropriate, medicated, dental materials. This restores the tooth to its normal, full function. Are you experiencing toothaches or pain? Reach out to your local dentistry at Platinum Dental Care Logan and kiss that pain away today!

What does a root canal fix?

Root canals eliminate pain caused by the nerves in your teeth, but that’s not all they help with. Along with soothing toothaches, root canals remove internal tooth decay, clear out infections and abscess (a collection of pus), and correct tooth injury and trauma.  

What are signs I might need

a Root Canal?

  • Abscesses (appear as pimples) on your gums
  • Regular and/or severe toothaches 
  • Swelling and tenderness
  • Tooth sensitivity to temperature (hot and cold)

We understand how uncomfortable and painful untreated teeth can be. Visit us today to prevent and treat toothaches and pains!

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