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A frenectomy is a surgery that removes excess frenal muscle. The frenum muscle attaches two tissues together to limit muscle movements and prevent overall tissue damage. Our mouths have two different kinds of frenums.

The lingual frenum connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. The second frenum, the labial frenum, connects the lips and gums both above the upper teeth and below the lower teeth. A frenectomy on either oral frenums is necessary when a long or short frenum causes tooth or jaw displacement or difficulty speaking. Frenectomies can help relieve these ailments. Call us to schedule a consultation and get relief today.

Does a frenectomy hurt?

Today, frenectomies are essentially harmless when conducted with a dental laser. Not only does it reduce the danger of infection, it is also much quicker and less painful. 


Before the procedure, the patient is numbed to ensure maximum comfort. Because of this, there is little or no pain during the surgery. It is normal to feel mild soreness during recovery. 

How to heal after

a frenectomy

  • Cold is soothing; gently apply frozen popsicles or ice packs to surgical site
  • Be careful of the recovering area when brushing your teeth
  • Avoid crunchy and chewy foods 
  • Use any medications prescribed by your health professional

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