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You may be more familiar with the term “cap” for a dental crown. A dental crown, or “cap” is a covering that encases all of a tooth’s surface. This restores the tooth to its original shape and size. Crowns protect and strengthen tooth structure that otherwise cannot be restored. 

There are many different types of dental crowns, however porcelain crowns (or tooth-colored crowns) are the most common. They are highly durable and can last many years. Porcelain crowns are created to fit the size, shape, and color of your teeth. We proudly offer dental crowns here at Platinum Dental Logan. Set up an appointment now to preserve your smile!

What is getting a dental crown like?

A crown procedure typically calls for two different appointments. The first appointment consists of taking molds or impressions of your teeth to create the custom crowns. You will also have temporary crowns applied to your tooth for about two weeks until a new crown fabricated in a dental lab is ready.


At the second appointment, your temporary crown is removed, your tooth is cleaned, and the new crown is carefully placed. Your prosthodontist will ensure the spacing and bite are accurate before giving you care instructions for your dental crown. We encourage regular dental visits to check your new crown. 

What presents a need for

Dental crowns?

  • Broken, fractured, or decayed teeth
  • A tooth with a root canal
  • Large or fractured fillings
  • Cosmetic enhancement 


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