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Composite fillings are a simple dental treatment that restores worn or broken teeth. The decayed or negatively affected portion of a tooth is removed and then filled with a composite filling, hence the name. 

There are many options when it comes to fillings. Here at Platinum Dental Logan, we are happy to discuss the best options for restoring your teeth. Composite fillings are most commonly used today because they are tooth-colored and better match the coloring of natural teeth. Give us a call today and find the perfect tooth restoration method for you!

Are composite fillings a lot of work?

Conveniently, composite fillings normally only require one appointment at your local dentistry. Our team members work with you to numb your tooth, remove decay, and then carefully place the composite filling, restoring your tooth to its initial shape and function. 


Good oral hygiene practices and eating habits are all it takes to properly care for your new composite fillings after your teeth have been restored. We like to schedule regular visits with you to ensure that your fillings are in good shape and that you are satisfied with your tooth restoration!

Why should I get

Composite Fillings

  • They restore your teeth and rid them of decay
  • The simple process only takes one appointment
  • Your smile maintains a healthy, white appearance
  • Your teeth are further protected from future concerns


Call us today and schedule your initial composite filling consultation to restore your smile to its healthiest condition!

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