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Orthodontics is a specialized dental service that focuses on correcting tooth alignment and jaw irregularities. It is important because well-aligned teeth make for simpler oral hygiene and cleaning, as well as an enhanced smile.

Our orthodontists at Platinum Dental Care Logan work with each patient directly and personally to diagnose and treat their individual teeth and jaw imperfections. The sooner orthodontic treatment begins, the quicker misaligned teeth and jaw concerns are resolved.

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Is orthodontic care just braces?

Although braces are the most common orthodontic treatment, they are not the only option available. Removable appliances such as headgear, retainers, and face masks can be used to correct over and underbites. 

Invisalign is another orthodontic treatment option. This new, removable dental aligner is easily removable and performs the same way traditional metal braces do. Invisalign is completely transparent and usually goes unnoticed when worn. 

What are the benefits of


  • Correction of misaligned or crooked teeth
  • Improved bite
  • Clearer speech
  • Spaces overcrowded teeth
  • Enhanced aesthetics

Orthodontic treatment provides a way for everyone to have a permanent smile that they love. Visit us at Platinum Dental Care Logan and see how our orthodontic treatment can help you today! 

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